Home Visits

Want a face-to-face consultation about a forthcoming holiday, but strapped for time, have a problem with travel, or just find it impossible to solve the mysteries of the internet?

Over the course of our 30-plus year history we here at Cassis Travel have helped people from all walks of life with putting their dream holiday together, whether it is a romantic city break for two, an exotic beach escape for the whole family or a business trip.

We have done this in a variety of different ways too, from in-depth conversations over the telephone to detailed communications via email and we understand that people are different and that oftentimes there is the need for an adaptation in our approach.

When attempting to identify particular travel requirements we are well aware of the need to be flexible, so one of the key customer service developments we have implemented in recent years is a home visits service.

After a simple call in which we can outline your needs, one of our experienced travel advisors will put together a brief and then provide you with a personalised consultation from the comfort of your own home. This service is designed to provide people who might not have very much time on their hands or who perhaps aren’t in a position to come and visit us themselves with the expertise required to ensure that their next holiday is exactly as it should be.

Our primary goal as always is to bring you a truly dedicated level of attention to detail, so call us today if our home visits service applies to you…

Call us today on 0208 421 7090 to discuss your next holiday of a life time.